The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

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Modern Fantasy

Quests do no end;
they, like MacArthur,
fade away. Becoming
a figment of history
and potentially mutated future,
quoted so many times
that legends are born.
This is the last stop
and point of no return
for the ill fated master
of myth and sword - a fantasy
known the world over
by wanderlust children
and closeted adults.

We cannot read our lives away
faking our journey
one orgasm after the next,
one bagel with lox
after the next,
one espresso more
to slow the passage
of cellular phones.

Take to sword
as we skewer letters
on pikes! There are modern villains,
Vlad's that will die
under the next new moon,
when a paycheck is replaced
by over sea's billing
for 10 cent double time.
Cube support clubs,
paper-clip chainmail,
and flat-screen shields
will protect us from
management, Liches
only as strong as their
dotted-line phylacteries.
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