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Run like a yuppie.

Honestly? I think this is kinda cool. I especially like the Power Song button.
It is, in fact, quite tempting to try it out. I'v been wanting to switch from elliptical to running as my primary cardio exercise but have had some anxiety. It will ultimately be disconcerting because I won't be able to run as hard as I can currently use that elliptical. However, that change would be good. Maybe kickstart my metabolism. I've been stagnant at my current weight for over a month now.

I wonder how hard it would be to carve a hole for the transmitter in current shoes.

Oh man, such a yuppie purchase. Can you imagine? Wearing all Nike and Apple gear? Why don't they pay people to do this instead of me paying them?
But hey, this only helps Apple's stock in which I have vested interest. :D
Writing (and math) geekery!


The clarity index is a measure of the ease or difficulty of reading a piece of writing.The process is mechanical and objective.

1. Take a sample of the writing (not over one page) and count the number of words.

2. Count the number of sentences.

3. Divide the number of words by the number of sentences. The result will be the number of words per sentence.

(words /(divided by) sentences = words per sentence)

4. Count the number of long words (three or more syllables) in the sample.

5. Divide the number of long words by the total number of words to get the percentage of long words.

(long words /(divided by) total words = percent of long words)

6. Finally, add the words per sentences and the percentage of long words. The sum is the clarity index.

(wps + percent of long words = clarity index)

The target clarity index is 30. If your clarity index is below 25, your writing is probably choppy. If the clarity index is over 35, most people will have difficulty reading it rapidly.

Since the clarity index is based on the length of words and sentences, you can raise the index number by combining sentences. By joining sentences, you will not only smooth out the choppiness but also show a better relationship between ideas.

Likewise, to lower the number, use shorter, simpler words and break up long sentences.

As you can tell, the process of running a clarity index is time-consuming. You won't have time to run one on every piece of your writing.

But, on those occasions when a piece of writing (yours or someone else's) seems particularly hard to read, try running a clarity index. Chances are the index will be off one way or the other.

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