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Window blind

Window blind
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This weekend was really nice but I spent a leetle too much money. Um, and ate really poorly. Really, really poorly.

I find that I eat terribly when I'm not around other people while doing it. in fact, I think I'm actually trying to be an example when Fox is around. Lead by example, sorta? So with her gone, apparently I go nuts. At least, though, I have been exercising lots. Probably not enough to account for the superfluity of calories from yesterday.

Oh, but it was nice.

I have to say, too (again), that Grindhouse was just fantastic. Rose McGown with gun leg is just hotter. Rosario Dawson and Zoe Bell both have great high kicks. And Kurt Russell is a hilarious little girly man. :) And oh the gore. The gore. The gore.

I packed like crazy this weekend. The second bedroom is done, minus desktop in the of case Fox or I must play Sims 2 before the second. And you know. Those Sims cravings. Whoa.

The bedroom is mostly done. Electra was helping last night too by jumping and napping in drawers as I emptied them. Many of the trinkets and decorative stuff not on walls is done. I've also tossed/recycled lots of random things I didn't know I had. Less is good. I'll probably do the non-essential clothes tonight and the decorations.

I suppose I'll leave the bed too.

I figure this is what I'll do to raise my credit score. I'm going to walk into my bank and tell them to give me a secured, low interest line of credit. It effectively works like a credit card but without the punitive interest rates.

I figure I can use my current investments as collateral to secure it. Then I'll have general monies to buy what stuff I need for the house or what ever to use to boost my credit score. Seems the best way to go without using a credit card, which is key. Plus, I'll be building a history with the bank that will most likely handle my mortgage when the time comes.

I also think that tis way I can secure a line of credit that is never going to be exorbitantly huge, mostly because I don't have that much money invested, but also because I really don't want more than a few thousand dollars at my disposal. That way I can ensure that I will be able to pay off the amounts quickly and efficiently while only using under 50% of the credit line. It's all a fine balance as to what will be good or bad for my credit score but, damn it, I'm entering into this more knowledgeable than most and better off than many.

Hopefully G.I. Joe hasn't lead me astray.
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