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Change - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Change is conceptually false,
a lead on of sexy women
and millions of dollars
given to the Devil-
false pretense.

An apocalypse of morals is change,
a momentum created not by ourselves
but the accumulation of universal force.
God has no hands,
just a very forceful tone
that reminds us all
of ethereal mothers and broken promises.

Change comes from within,
like Buddhist paying a 20
for a hot dog. It's fake
as fake as my talent. That is why
change forces us
to become what we think
te worlds wants us to be.
Conforming is the wine of life,
bitter and charged with
ions that forget to be frugal.

Electric potential is a cascade
of change we think we can control.
We are the ions, the charge, the gap
between Or and And - the charge of But,
where we'd rather excuse ourselves
from dinner than eat overcooked mutton.
You can't change mutton over broiled
just like you are changed
on the outside
just to become more like everyone else.

Change is a cookie cutter
made by Betty Crocker,
a blonde bombshell before
your mother was sexy.

Current Mood: happy Güwerztraminer

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