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Work and travel!

I had a nice weekend. I spent six hours working on a super secret project. We've also got the living room packed. Six boxes of books and DVDs is INSANE. Fox is doing the kitchen on Wednesday and the remaining two rooms are easy.

I also found a half dozen drawings that kaylithin drew on note cards for my Exalted campaign way-back-when. I'm so framing them when I get some small floating frames, next trip to Walgreens.

Movers are booked.
Things to do this week:
Write IOUs to the house for the water bill and April's utility bill.
Get IOU for washer and dryer.
Transfer cable modem out of Fox's name.
Call Charter for super cool JSM package deal (must do previous first).
Talk to current landlord about WTF doing with security deposit.

Poe is in an e-collar because she keeps re-opening her claw wound. It makes me very, very sad to see her like that. However, she has a funny be-bopping walk now. Plus, she is healing much better now and quicker now that we can apply the ointment.

That the vet didn't recommend a collar and I had to find one on my own pisses me off. Their solution was for me to keep bringing her back of she wouldn't leave the wound alone. That's 75-100 per visit. Grr..

Dreading some things tis week. The Big Project culimates Thursday, with Friday reserved for putting out fires. It will only work of 28 people have listened to me and gotten their work done according to my instructions. <worry>

Starting midway last month, I'd been emailing my team a list if development logs that were due that week and weren't to my QA staff yet. The list started out pretty large, about 10 logs. It shrank a few every week.
It seems my weekly hounding has worked. My entire team now has no late development. Apparently all it takes is constant pokes in the eye.

Also! I'm going to in Tacoma Washington the first full week in June. I'm back on the travel train... plane at work. Hopefully I won't be working 13 hour shifts like my last three Go-Lives. I'd actually like to do some site seeing. Washington is pretty and I've never been to Tacoma before. I'm actually excited. Come to think, since I'm not supporting an Inpatient unit I'll actually be working human hours. That means I'll see more than my hotel room!

Does anyone know if it is possible to do a floating frame for a 1/4 in thick painting? I've seen floating frames for pictures which are negligible thickness and want something like that for these paintings but I'm not sure if it is possible.

What is there to do in Tacoma?
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