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Gray Burning

Gray Burning
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Today is becoming the day of distractions. I've "lst" my morning to miscellaneous interruptions, some things that the person in my office could have resolved on their own. One guy in particular needs guidance on nearly everything he does it seems. Must be told what to do lest his decision be undone. To some degree tis is smart, to safeguard the work you do, but asking me to change around when something is fixed in order to get other stuff through faster, with the express certainly that the thing will still be fixed, is something I think he can do on his own.

Any way, now I'm just interrupting myself because I've got 7 minutes until another scheduled interruption and I cannot get started, let alone finish, any task I wanted to do today. Bleh.

So I'm doing some crazy spreadsheet coding. I'm using the built-in VB coder to randomly assign test cases to a series of scenarios. I hate that it is taking so long but lack of practice with VB fcode makes it difficult. What I need it to do is build a list of variables and addd those variables to another list until the built list is exhausted. To accomplish this, I'm building an array of the values to assign and trying to build a random number generator between 1 and 10 to assign the values in the array to the list of cases until the array is empty.

I was never good with arrays.

Hmm. maybe it would be easier to take a list one at a time and assign it to the other list rather than build an array. It'll be slower, but not so much that it matters at all to me. Hmm. That could be easier and doesn't require me to check that the whole list of array data has been assigned, rather just going down a list until i hit a null cell value.


Photo: yay more fire!

What's a pirate's favorite code device?
An Arrrrr-ay.
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