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Burning Ring of Fire

Burning Ring of Fire
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Yup. Fire. More later. I took 350+ photos this weekend and need to edit many. But I've got a few I know will do well of graydancer's fire juggling and lots and lots from tandu's ordination to look through. The former will hopefully be up tonight and the latter.. well, I set aside Wednesday night but that may not be enough for what I plan to do with them. I'll post a handful of the best, at least but most of them, I have something special in mind.

To all out there: I'm planning on taking prints in later this week. I've got a series of things I want to print and frame. If any of you want prints of anything I've posted (or haven't posted to LJ) speak now. :) I even have an easy pricing plan so I can get you quotes, without frames, quickly.

Otherwise, things are good. I get a minor cold from the party on Saturday. Clearly I should have been closer to the fire when getting pictures. THis was also one of those times a fast prime lens would have been ideal. As it was, I used my ultra wide because it's the speediest I have. The shots turned out for the most part but a little blurry. To be expected, I think, as he was, you know, juggling fire. In retrospect I should have been trying slow syncing flash to freeze some of the motion and still capture the fire blur. Eh? The shots are still plenty cool.

tandu's ordination was an interesting affair. Firstly, I have no idea the photography etiquette but I'm pretty sure I trampled and peed on the rules. I was a little too timid to get right up in some of the parts but really wanted to. I did not, however, want to break the experience for anyone. mostly I hung back and used my zoom and hoped the flash could reach. This would have been a good scenario for a VR zoom larger than mine. I could have hung back and still gotten plenty of very close shots. Ah well.

Sunday was nice. Grocery shopping, reading, and napping with Electra. Then more catch-up on Grey's Anatomy. Good show.

House of Leaves is no longer giving me weird dreams.

Things to do this week:
Hire movers.
Get bins out of garage.
-Look through a ditch/sell/donate unneeded stuff.
Pack books and DVDs.
Empty closet in second room and hallway of stuff.
-Donate stuffed animals.
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