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The Laughing Cat
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I forgot how nice it is in the office at 7am. No distractions and I can play music sans headphones. AND someone left me an Easter egg. :) I haven't been hugely more productive than normal, but I feel less external "stuff" which is nice.

I also forgot how engrossing photo editing is. I spent about 4 hours last night at it and uploaded a whole bunch of Photos to flickr. I'm still seeing some color and contrast loss when saving for the web but Prints shouild be fine. Aperture encodes the color profiles correctly so if I export to printable files from there, it looks exactly like the screen. That's exciting.

My current problem though is that I can't quite figure out how to save changes I make in Photoshop to Aperture. Aperture has an "export to application" option where it creates second masterfile and version overlays for Photoshop. I'm supposed to be able to edit in Photoshop and save the results to that overlay version that I exported. The documentation is a little sparse so it is slow going. I'm hoping to find a way to do it that does create extra files on my already cluttered hard drive.

And I soooo need to back up my library. When we move, I'm planning to get one of the new Airport Extreme base stations and a large hard drive so I can automatically backup and archive my photos every time I open Aperture. mmm... wireless hard drive. :)

More from my shoot with Fox. Electra was going nuts. At this point I had turned off the lights and was shooting with my flash as a remote slave. All that flashing was too much. Kitty HAD TO GET LIGHT!!!11!!1!!! This was a good catch while they were wrestling.
Fox -current hit count is 120 for this shot. :)
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