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Booze, Books and Photos.

I have the following stuck in my head:
    Blew out my flip-flop.
    Stepped on a pop top.
    Cut my heel had to cruise on back home.
    But there's booze in the blender.
    And soon it will render.
    That frozen concoction that helps me hang on.

I've made significant progress on House of Leaves. So much so that much of it is making sense. And let me tell you, the physical layout of the book is fantastic. For example, during Exploration #3 when Holloway loses it and breaks a hole in the wall is exactly when the picture page-footnote portion of the book kicks in. A hole in the book, if you will. It's just neat that the book is the labyrinth is the structure is the story. A well crafted device. Or even when the corridor of doors start shutting really quickly, you're turning the pages quickly at the same time.

It's just neat. Books rarely use the device of Book as plot point and mood enhancement.
I'm looking forward to reading his second book when I accomplish this one.

So far footnote 147 is my favorite.

Hey bizarre: 300 views on that photo of you I posted. I think it's the leopard print pillow. :)
This may interest graydancer and francopoli:
This series especially: Edit your life.
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