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I am *completely* addicted to my Treo. It has quickly become my information... If not LIFE... hub.

    Current problems:
  • typing is slow.
    Not much to do. Getting a fold-out keyboard kills the convenience of it.
  • work becoming less separate from life.
    Eh? This doesn't really bug me. I like checking work email in the evenings because I get to work faster the next day.
  • I'm blogging from the john...
  • doesnt give BJs.
    Cuz' really, what else would make this device that much more amazing. :P

In other news, I fit into some 32in shorts again. I'm slowly chipping at my waist.

Speaking of... Off to the gym for the second time today. Bored is good that way? :)

bizarre-how 'bout Tuesday we get chicken wings and get you your prints?
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