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Dear Brain,

I'm already sleep deprived from sickness. Please do not thrust me into sex dreams with my friends. Waking up in the middle of the night every few hours from lust doesn't help th.... zzzZZZZzzzzZZzzzzz......


The first two apartment places we viewed were dingy dark and depressing. One had creepy stains on the carpet, though that carpet was being replaced. No go there. I'm trying to set up views with three places in Middleton but the darn people won't respond to my emails. Annoying and infuriating.

And since when did the city start hating cats? Most places I find now don't want pets. Grrr.

This week has been exhausting with being sick and work pressure and personal turmoil. It is just lame. i wanted to call in but I have a thing due today that I have to pester people to do. I get ignore if I do this from home. I'm totally slacking it up hardcore today. Y'all should get on AIM or Gmail and distract me from my duties.

Funny thing: I told my new hire that if he ever wanted to get things done faster it's best to pester the people to get them done, especially if the deadline is coming up and you have to wait on them. Yesterday, he emailed me to pester me to do something for him. :) I like his attitude.

Also! Fox made chocolate tortellini stuffed with cream cheese and dressed with caramel. It's weird but interesting.
Apparently pasta is so easy to make that she has requested we get a pasta press. Seems pretty neat to me.
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