The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

life stuff update!

When did the LJ post thing suck so hard? geez. manual entering line breaks? Do they not understand you're not supposed to remove previously existing functionality when you "upgrade?" Idjits.

Slowly but surely I creep towards healthy. I find the more water I drink the clearer my sinuses stay. I sleep better. BUT! All tis water makes me Pee 30 bajillion times a night. WTF Bladder?!?? Why aren't you cavernous and let me sleep more?

In other news far cooler than my health, Fox and I are viewing apartments today. One place seems perfect on paper - 2 bed, 2 bath, garage, laundry hookups and smack-dab between both workplaces. I hope that it is nice and the land lord guy is cool. Fox is seeing that one at 3 today. Then a 5:15 we have a second place slightly more remote but still close to workplaces. I have far less info about it because they think websites are teh lame, apparently. Regardless it has good location and nice price for the size.

No certain move in dates as of yet. Our current lease is up in June but if we can get a good deal, like a free month's rent, we may move in during may to ease the pain. Moving sucks. But we are planning on hiring movers because movers kick ass. So maybe less moving in over May and more packing during May and then two burly men to do the real work. When we moved from Beloit to Madison, it took like 30 minutes to get all our stuff on the truck. So nice...

Maybe. That would be the ideal plan - out at some point in May. The only certainty right now is that fox and I do NOT want to move again until we buy a house. That's at least three years.

Grr arg!

Happy Pi day. I get pie at work today. :)

Also, I bought Sex And the City: The complete Series for 66% off the suggested retail price. Because I'm a girl. And girls know sales. </misogyny>

Ich habe Schweinefett in meinem Arsch.
EZ-Cheese + wafer = Cheesus Christ.
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