The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man
abmann gets more FTW points by allowing me to track the 401(k) funds in the same place as my other investments. It was also a very nice bonus to see how much I have invested now. :)

I really like their portfolio analysis tools. I see what percentage of my money is sitting what sort of investment. With pie charts! Currently, I'm not especially diverse. My 401(k) is very aggressive, lots of stocks, foreign and emerging market funds. And my money market is.. well, i money market.

And I'm looking into Quicken as a single solution for tacking all investments, taxes, budgets etc. I'm very bad at budgeting in that I could probably save twice what I currently do. I like that the Mac version is $20 cheaper than the Windows version that does the same amount of tracking.

However, have any of you used Quicken or other similar software?

Mm... pie.

In related news, I did a very rough estimate of my net worth: $22,500
Which is pretty good, I think, for being 2.8 years out of college.

And I filed my taxes. I'm up $367 for that too.
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