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Selective Synching - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Selective Synching
Ok, so I have my Treo, my workstation and my MacBook all playing nicely after very little effort. I can wirelessly sync the whole bunch which kicks supa-ass. However! I have discovered something I don't like with the whole deal.

So, I keep two calendars at work, a work schedule and a personal calendar. With my work calendar, I have alerts 15 minutes before every task and, literally, an entire days worth of work blocked out on it by 15 minute increments. Needless to say, this can be many, many appointments in a day. My personal calendar is similar but far, far less full.

When I synch my calendars, I get everything on my Treo easy-peasy. Which is good as I'm often have back to back meeting in different parts of the city and forget where ti go Then I have problems. I get alerts on my Treo AND my workstation for every single thing I plan. This is nigh infuriating.

What I WANT to do is essentially sync both calendars to my Treo but filter out all the alerts from my work calendar but preserve alerts for my personal calendar. At this point, I'm totally willing to adjust how I track my personal tasks in order to disable the work appointment alerts on my Treo but keep some amount of pop-up alert on personal tasks.

Anybody got an idea how to do that? It seems I can selectively filter appointment types. Maybe a macro of some point? A different way to track? Some smarter synching software than HotSync?

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aetrix9 From: aetrix9 Date: March 1st, 2007 03:24 am (UTC) (Link)
You playing with Missing Sync instead of isync? You'll be able, at least, to sync your treo to your mac with those types of controls. I'm so far removed from the outlook/PC world that I have NO IDEA what's even available anymore on the PC end of things.

I will recommend, that you pick one of your two computers and call that one the "master" and only sync to one computer. I personally chose my work computer (over my laptop) to be the "master" but using publication features on iCal (I think they're there too for entourage) I can view my calendars on my laptop. Problem with syncing two computers is there's no way to sync the calendars ont he two computers and resolve differences there. you rely on the palm's resolution engine, which normally just says, "two things? make duplicates!" which will end up with some endlessly repeating meeting duplicated, then quadrupled, etc... until you have no memory left. This was a huge problem for me when I was syncing on two computers. Fortunately, I was syncing two Macs, and I didn't even acknowledge cross-platform gripes.

Really, though, unless I"m sitting in front of my work computer, I know working with my palm is the easiest way to get things done.

Wanna play with my keyboard when I get back? I think i'ts pretty invaluable to be able to hack out lengthy emails using all 10 digits. Plus, my treo/keyboard fits much better on airplane oddments trays than my 15" powerbook.

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