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Selective Synching

Ok, so I have my Treo, my workstation and my MacBook all playing nicely after very little effort. I can wirelessly sync the whole bunch which kicks supa-ass. However! I have discovered something I don't like with the whole deal.

So, I keep two calendars at work, a work schedule and a personal calendar. With my work calendar, I have alerts 15 minutes before every task and, literally, an entire days worth of work blocked out on it by 15 minute increments. Needless to say, this can be many, many appointments in a day. My personal calendar is similar but far, far less full.

When I synch my calendars, I get everything on my Treo easy-peasy. Which is good as I'm often have back to back meeting in different parts of the city and forget where ti go Then I have problems. I get alerts on my Treo AND my workstation for every single thing I plan. This is nigh infuriating.

What I WANT to do is essentially sync both calendars to my Treo but filter out all the alerts from my work calendar but preserve alerts for my personal calendar. At this point, I'm totally willing to adjust how I track my personal tasks in order to disable the work appointment alerts on my Treo but keep some amount of pop-up alert on personal tasks.

Anybody got an idea how to do that? It seems I can selectively filter appointment types. Maybe a macro of some point? A different way to track? Some smarter synching software than HotSync?
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