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Elite speak. - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Elite speak.
It is the point of interaction
where mundane becomes esoteric
that the fully consumed individual
becomes endothermicly charged -
a free radical ripping apart the fabric
of matter. He break down expressions,
spelling them with crosses (an X) and
Zed like an Englishman too fast
to drink his tea. These Zed's are
a multitude of sheep conjugating
proper grammar like it's natural
for a person to spell abstractly.
Abstraction leads to idle hands
and these hands reap benefits
that transpose the DNA of english
into rape. Word-smiths break
in the modern age when stupidity
evolves language to a facile
expression of coolness. THe evolution
breaks the point of interaction
into a conversion. The consequent
esoteric spellings lose dominance
to the mundane when we all take it up
and integrate error into conversation.
interaction is no longer elite.

Current Mood: energetic excellent

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