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Tread that water, yo.

Hory clap! It's like spring outside!
<squee!> I feel more energetic and lively already. Plus, I had my personal training session on Tuesday. I did my fist full workout with the new schedule yesterday. Stability ball crunches and frickin' hard. My abs hurt and I was so calorie deficient that I nearly had a migraine tis morning. Oops? Thought I ate enough yesterday. Ate a Clif bar this morning and I'm perky again.

Ever wanted that much detail in my day?

I finally got ahead on some of my work after putting in 30+ hours the last few days. I worked normal hours yesterday and will again today. I'm working nearly exclusively on some stuff to keep me ahead for next week so I don't necessarily have to work similar hours. It's good but means I have to set aside other projects again. On the plus, I got a developer to help me with one of my big side projects so I'm seeing progress on that even though I'm not actively working on it. It's a huge boon for me to get some help on it.

PS: I'm buying a Treo 680 today. Sadly, I can't buy one of the colored ones. Anyone know a place in Madison where I could find cases/skins for it? I dislike most of my online choices.
Ph3@r my l337 pr0d|_|c71v17y skillz.
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