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11 hours yesterday after a 50 hour week last week. Looks like I"m staying very late today too. I meet with my personal trainer at seven so I figure I'll just stay until then...

I had to push back some of my commitments which I hate doing. I had promised to do some integrated teaching sessions to prepare my new integration representative group on new code we're doing. Instead of doing the session this or next week I have to do it mid-march because of a big push to comply with new governmental regulations.

Yes, I have an excellent excuse but I'm not happy about it. I'm more worried that I'll lose the respect of the people involved by not doing it promptly as expected.

In less grumble-y news, I am down five pounds from when I weighed myself last month. This is exciting. Tonight I set goals with my trainer to lose the rest of this pudge. I'm pretty much telling her my primary goal is to look not flabby by pretty much any means necessary. At this point my body can handle pretty much any exercise. Even evil things like running for a long time. That may not seem like much, but it's a big deal to me. I've never been able to run at any speed for more than a few seconds before now.

It's happy. And surprising, really. I never thought I'd be.. you know... fit.

And I'm so taking March 8th and 9th off. Need not to burn out, thanks.

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