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After much hemming and hawing, I FINALLY chose my broker. I went with Vanguard over Fidelity, which was my first choice since they have my 401(k), for one simple reason: I can find needed info on their frickin' site.

In about 5 minutes of distracted searching I found minimum opening fees, maintenance accounts, money market rates, checking/debit ability, EFT ability associated with my account - everything I wanted to know about Fidelity but failed to find concrete answers for after a few hours total of searching. Yeah, annoying.

But now my money starts working for me. In fact, it automatically reinvests capital gains and dividends for me; it asked when I opened it. :) From here, I'm setting up auto withdrawal on my Vanguard account from my checking so it is always getting a stream of money. I'm keeping my savings around with a minimum of 1k in there to be used in emergencies and as a purchase savings. So, i transfer a few hundred dollars to it until I hit, like, $HDTV and go buy it. :) It's exciting... well - it is to me.

The next step is to gain some money and buy some index funds. I'll need to do that next month to avoid early trade fees on the money market but I'm cool to wait.

Hooray! I'm 24 and have investments. And a retirement account!
I win!
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