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Spam poetry from spam found at work. Line breaks added by me all else is word for word, line for line the message.

Originally uploaded by ABMann.

When it came time to move the computer,
I could unplug the fan,
take it off the computer, and then toss it
into my computer bag.
It could easily break down
the price per gallon pf gas,
and Excel
can easily average those values
to get the average price of gas
over a month.

I spent the entirety of Sunday on the couch playing video games and watching Grey's Anatomy. It was slothful and fun.

Saturday Fox and I went to Satyricon. It is a local BDSM group. They meet monthly to chat, explore concepts and topics related to BDSM and generally be friendly within the kink community. It was our first meeting after about 8 months of failing to make it or forgetting out right but we were there especially to support devianttouch who was speaking on age play. Age play, especially the immediate thought of adults in diapers, is one of my squick points but I'm glad I went. I actually learned quite a bit during his lecture about the culture and types of play that do happen. I'm willing to get that nearly everyone I know is into some form of age play and they don't even realize. :)

I've also now been introduced to Flat Top Grill which is a stir fry place next to Hilldale Mall. it is pricey for non-students but really fun. You get a bowl. You fill said bowl with noodles, rice and vegetables of your choice. Ladle on sauce from a dozen or so choices. Choose protein and give to chef. They cook it and bring it to your table. Neat food and fun, really. Plus the bar has a specialty drink called "horny monkey" made from lots of sweet booze and coconut milk. They stick a banana on tap and two cherries in the banana. :) It's tasty. And hilarious to watch a 6 ft 4, 250+ pound friend drink one in his gigantic hands.

This week looks rough. But if I get everything done by the 15th I need to get done, I have customer training Thursday and Friday which means a chance to slow down. But we'll have to see. Hopefully Friday will be a blissful brain dead day at least.

Fox has been recruiting Miis for me. My Wii is up to 4 now - me, her, aetrix9, and slavetopurple.
And I can't say Wii without feeling like a doofus. However (as idf this statement relates to the previous), my second controller arrives today. Fox and I get to play WarioWare at the same time. Or play tennis together. :) Yay!
I also think I could very easily move the two buttons on the nunchuck to the remote but I can't do anything about the joy stick. The motion sensors are attached to the joystick casing, I think. I'm closer to a design for the one handed Wii control (sans motion sensor) but not there just yet. And damn it, I want to play SX blur when it releases!

More of you need to buy Wiis. Currently, my Mii parade is pathetic!
Hooray for monkeyfetish and e_hmm for keeping my Miis company.
I can only wonder what THINGS happen when I'm not looking.
o_O (eyes slavetopurple).
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