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  • I'm now paying under 40 bucks for the collector's edition of HP: Deathly Hollows because of promotion discounts, BnN member discounts, and random coupons they've sent me.
  • Nintendo is hugely back-logged with orders. Who knows when anything will ship.
  • Wii: 0928-5664-7357-6437. Comment with numbers so the great Mii exchanges can start, otherwise monkeyfetish may get tired of all my messages and Mii lurkers.
  • No more oxycodone. :(
  • My dental cleaning yesterday, this first in 6 years, took 1.five hours.(!)
  • I still haven't shifted to a money market account.
    -Fidelity's fees for trading are insane unless I'm trading hundreds of stocks a year. As I want to INVEST and not trade, this seems bad. Plus, I can't get them to say specifically that they offer money markets with X% interest which I thought I saw in December.
  • 401k is looking healthy.
    -My foreign investments are gaining well as China's and India's economies take off.
  • My healthcare investments are middling in comparison, but that is going to change soon I believe.

Anyone know of nice brokerage services? I want a money market account that offers the ability to buy stocks, index funds, options and bonds without huge trading fees. Fidelity wants to charge me $20 per trade under 120 trades; I'm not sure if 1 trade equals buying one piece of stock or not. Generally money market accounts offer 5% interest so that would be extra nice.

So, anyone know about one of those? seems OK as far as fees. I've not looked into much. Charles Scwab? Moo?
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