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Kill the peoples. Kills them good.

I taught a class on Effective Presentations, how to avoid standard pitfalls of PowerPoint - excessive animation, slide reading, crappy graphs. Originally this class was listed as Improving use of PowerPoint, which I though was misleading given my description of it:

"Combing two disparate topics, this class seeks to improve your use of PowerPoint through effective outlining, preparation and display of statistical data items."

Before class registration began, I had the name changed to Effective use of PowerPoint. Still vague but was correct.
Not great but I didn't state that I'd be teaching how to do cool things in PowerPoint. At the beginning of the class, I asked everyone why they're here so I can hit their topics. Many, many many people signed up thinking I was going to teach them all the cool things you can do with PowerPoint. Crap. Ok... So, I tell them that my class doesn't cover this. In fact, I spend a fair amount of time tell people NOT to use PowerPoint if they can avoid it. I also tell anyone that they are free to leave so I don't waste their time. No one leaves.

Today, I'm getting bad reviews. People are saying that I didn't explain how to use PowerPoint and why did I tell them not to use it and what a waste of time it was!

Admittedly, I didn't name the class well at first and could have explained things better. But that I told them before I started that they could leave if this wasn't what they wanted, I'm pissed to see these bad reviews. Why didn't you leave, you idiots?! I gave you a chance!

Grr. grrrrr.
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