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I feel so much better today, though tired. Swelling is going down on the left side. It's about half as big today as it was this weekend which is huge. Ice is my friend. I brought ice packs to work and am fully intending to look like an idiot with frozen peas on my face all day. Not sure about tonight... I have a seminar that our CEO deemed mandatory. I may be able to duck out at breaks and use snow to ice down my face. Assuming we're getting breaks.

I ate a calzone last night. It was so damn satisfying to chew real food. My jaw gets tired easily from the strain still, left side being stiff.

Whatever. I'll be fine in a day or two. I'm sick of talking about oral surgery.

only 6 hours of meeting stuff today. That means six hours to finish class materials and practice my class speeches. Still stressed over that. I hate public speaking but no one else will get this information out. Boo! I took a tech job so I didn't have to talk to people. :(
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