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Missing: Jawline

Photo 22
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Flickr isn't cooperating. The left side of my jaw swelled up a whole lot. It's starting to bruise. I'm guessing this is because I couldn't ice well enough at work yesterday. But I stayed home to relax and ice and because, holy christ, it hurt this morning.

On the plus, the ibuprofen is keeping me pain-free. I'm trying to rely less on the oxycodone, taking one every six hours instead of the recommended one to two every four hours (insane!). I'm likely over worried but I don't want to deal with withdrawal after all this. I need to be 100% functional next week. I have a large number of really important things to do.

I'm not happy about missing work. I was coordinating the division meeting. I demanded everyone have their presentations done end of the day yesterday. Three out of 12 were in when I left, of course. Today I've been scrambling through email to get everyone's shit together. I'm pissed and I can't say anything about it. You know, they all wonder why the division hates these meetings. What should they expect when no one puts any effort into it? Of course it's going to be crappy. <seeth>

We got the cats a new cat tree. I put it together today. They don't seem to like it over the previous one. :(
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