The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

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I feel kinda funny. I have oxycodone on my desk at work today. Drugs at work?
I tried brushing my teeth this morning. No fun. Painful, bloody and unsatisfying.

I'm a little dizzy right now too.

So, I'm bored eating ice cream. (Amazing after only two days...) I've got apple sauce, yogurt, cream of wheat and pudding. Yesterday I murdered some macaroni noodles which was good. But I'm looking for some different stuff as these are all pretty dull. Though... most soft foods are pretty bland. Recommendations for some different foodstuffs?

Swelling is better on my left side today. I really hope I'm better by monday. I've got 10 hours (Yes, 10 hours) of meetings scheduled alone and don't want to be uncomfortable. Plus i have classes to teach the next day. I"d also like to shave eventually....
I fail to understand how people enjoy taking Vicodin. I can't think straight. This is making my job much harder to do. >:|
People like feeling jelly-headed?
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