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Photo 18
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The anesthesia was actually pretty neat. The doctor said I'd feel a pinch (the IV) and that I'd be out in about 30 seconds. I feel a pinch and start counting. At about 15 seconds I said t him, "Oh. There's the fuzzy feeling" and I'm gone. Wake up in the recovery room. Not sure the time between but it's probably a little over an hour. Fox and I got hone around 10:30 after stopping for drugs. We left at 8:30 so that was a really quick trip.

Its nice. I've been watching Project Runway. :) Barnes and Noble has a two-for-one sale on all TV. I bought both seasons project runway, weeds and dark angle 1 for just over 60 bucks. good deal. I'm OK convalescing to nifty tv.

I was finaly able to get some ibuprofen down which reduced some of the soreness. I'm icing about every thirty minutes for twenty minutes. It seems that what swelling has happened is relatively minor.

What really bugs me is that I can't open my mouth so well, barely enugh to get a spoon in there. But let me tell you, I have been working this limitation and eating lots and lots of ice cream. :) And pudding too. And now that there's food in me I can take some vicodin. That should prove interesting.

Now.. as my head feels fuzzy again, I think the vicodin is kicking in.
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