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This photo is not indicative of my current mood.

I got a bill from my dentist Saturday. Two weeks ago I went in for an exam and a panoramic x-ray for my wisdumb teeth. Dentist filed the claim to my primary insurer who denied it. This was expected. My primary covers routine cleanings and not much else. However, I have a secondary dental insurance. It seems one of two things happened:
  1. Dentist did not file the claim properly (or at all) so my dental insurer didn't get it.
  2. Dental insurer incorrectly denied due to bad information.

Note that the claims person I spoke to said that my dental insurance really should cover all this as it has for employees here before. Either of these is frustrating as hell because my dental insurance covers 90% of pretty much any non-cleaning service I get. It's likely something is wrong with my information and the claim wasn't sent properly.

What's really funny about tis is that when I called the claims department at my dentist, I walked the user through possible problems with my record. I almost asked her to resubmit my claim as NRP (Next responsible party) for the origunal charge and manually enter the dental plan that Iknow they have in teir system. Instead, she did most of this on her own without manually entering the dental insurer.

Hopefully, it will process properly the second time through or I'll have to call my dental insurer and tel them they have to pay. Which will likely be blood-from-stone like problems. On the plus, I've bought myself a month on an annoying bill, assuming she annotated the charge properly. I hope I won't get bill collector calls because then I'll likely have to get my credit record expunged after that. :|

Now, if it only weren't incredibly illegal, I could go and fix all my information myself. :) I also need to remember to check that the oral surgeon has all my information correct. I'll have to call them this afternoon.

Isn't insurance fun?
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