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Photo 13
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I'm constantly wired. Caffeine junky. Bean worshiper. Give me some more of that java mojo. Coffee shops are my vice. We'll not mention the time between waking and the first cup.

I believe caffeine keeps me an over-achiever, a busy-body (not colloquially, literally) and work-monkey (sic). I don't think I would be able to accomplish as much as I do some days sans grog injections. :)

I'm forcing this all out. It's not written well enough to mt pleasure. I'm attempting to become a more eloquent blogger. A blogger with entry focus. Take a topic, shunt it into my cranium, simmer and expel a well crafted and self-reverential diatribe regarding this topic. I chose coffee today because I spend far too much time at coffee shops. i hide there when I don't want to go home. I work there when I need to get more done than the office allows. I drink there because it's maladjusted to drink at home. :)

Anyway. Fox and I have started discussing areas to which we wish to move in June. Pretty much anywhere between Middleton and the west side of the Capitol square are up. We realized, even, that since we work in such close proximity that moving outward, linearly(along roads, at least) from our workplaces, we could easily carpool. Not only would this save money but would force Fox into the gym with me, something I've been advocating for her for years. Moving further from where we are makes this even more alluring.

We have a few ideals staked out - a set of apartments on Lake Wingra, the area of Middleton near shortcakeness, some places along Old Sauk and that area north of Mineral Point. Some of them are even very, very near Barriques locations - which was a conscious decision on my part (junky, like i said). And if not near a Barriques there's a Barriques Light (Vic Allen's) near all of them. Like walking distance near. Can I say how much I want to live within walking distance of a coffee shop? You think I spend too much time at them as is.... That would be keen. But, that's still months away and we're just speculating. Who knows for sure what will actually happen?

PS: Photo Booth is still fun.
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