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Spent three hours at Barriques last night getting a presentation near complete. Know what makes working extra hours outside work cool? Whiskey! It's a lot easier to relax a write a speech when you've got two shots of whiskey in your latte. I got a fair amount of work done but I'm not finished like I wanted to be. I have a weird week coming and i'm not certain what I'll be getting done.

I'm rather unhappy being awake right now. I had very bizarre and stressful dreams last night when I did sleep but was otherwise awake due to various cat and humidifier related sounds. You know, it drives me nuts that a small rattle in the humidifier vent, a sound less noisy than the machine itself, will wake me up and keep me from sleeping again. Ludicrous. Surprising? No, not really. Ginger snoring in an adjacent room will wake me up. Yes, cat snores wake me up.

I never figured myself to be a light sleeper; it may, in fact, be related to stress that I sleep lightly. And certainly my life is stress-rife as of late. I just want to go back to bed for the weekend.

Please, can I? You can even come join me. We'll listen to iTunes radio and do crossword puzzles. Sound good?
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