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Dear god, people. Joy Cardin held a straw poll/vote for president call in show. Anyone would go, past candidates, present candidates, crazy people. There were a number of votes for Jasper the House Cat but that didn't bug me (barring the "throw your vote away" feelings I have). Some one called into say that she would vote for Hillary Clinton because she was a Scorpio with a moon in... some house I can't recall suffice that it made her wise.

I became surprisingly agitated over that. Would people seriously vote for a candidate that had a sympathetic star sign? Seriously? Aren't there more important things out there than having extra moons in your ninth house??

Sigh. I suppose this stems from my general distaste for people that are uninvolved with the world around them. Forget the world, people seem patently, even proud to be unaware of even local goings-on. How is this possible? Do they even ignore the occasional news paper dispenser on the street?

I don't think I'll ever understand. Sure, politics can be confusing and obfuscated. Politicians lie, cheat and/or steal but if you're aware of it you can change it, right? isn't that the point?

So. If the vote were held today who would you chose? I don't care if you're a democrat, republican, green or totalitarian. I'm curious. But if you're republican, I may make fun of you. :)

I'd vote Gore, maybe Kucinich. At least Gore would do something about environment which is my biggest issue right now. Kucinich as well but I'm still wary of his ability to be a strong leader.
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