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So. Tired. Want. Blankets.

I had really bizarre dreams last night about trying to go to a concert in Devil's Tower (Wyoming, ho!). It started at first with me in the car with some high school friends. We were talking about athleticism and how far I'd come since high school.

In High SChool I weighed 260 pounds. I didn't exercise eat right or generally move further than inertia would take me on it's own. I was a fat theatr lighting tech who hung around with other fat theater techs. When I lost the first bit of weight between Junior and Senior year, they were pretty offended. They didn't like me being "better" than them.

Right now, I'm 195ish and in really good cardiovascular shape. Thus the conversation.
End Digression.

They were a little pissed and a little happy. We stopped the car outside of Bell Rock (Arizona, ho!) and were attacked by Final Fantasy style evils. I whipped out a big sword and they loaded guns. Turn based combat ensued. There was much rejoicing.

At the end of the combat some evil wizard (the mother of one friend) cast a spell that sent us back to his house. it was now raining and my car was locked. We went looking for the tickets to the Devil's Tower concert thingy but were unable to find them.

The rain got worse. We started fighting over who should go outside to check my car. I lost and tried to find the keys. My friend realizes they're in the locked car and we can't make the concert. We settled be a window to lament the keys and watch the rain.

Kinda depressing, really. But much of the imagery comes from very good things. I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical yesterday. For 22 minutes I was moving at about 10 rpms more than normal. For the next 10 after that, 10 rpms more and for the last 8 minutes I was moving at 20 rpms faster than that. When I got done my hearts was about 140or so BPM which is huge for me. After that much exertion and only 130? Apparently I'm doing something right. Mind, in high school 100 BPM sitting down was a good day.

I forgot to check my resting rate this morning. I'm at roughly 80 right now which surprises me a lot. I've never had a standing rate this low.
Good stuff.

Photo: I lit the portrait with a soft light below my right arm pit and used a fairly fast shutter speed (1/30). In Photoshop, I created a layer and filled it with red paint. I did the stained glass filter 6 or so (Filter> Filter Gallery> texture) times to get the whole layer glassy. I then added a hue/saturation adjustment to it that layer set to "colorize" (because the red layer was mostly white after the filter). I applied a series of distortions (wave, ocean ripple, and selective blurs) to fade and ripple the stained glass lines. Set to layer to "multiply," masked it and painted it away from most of my torso and head. I kept the red over my right eye cause I thought it looked cool. :)

It's a little dark. I may lighten it tonight and replace this one. But otherwise, I'm really happy with it.

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