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Wee one

Wee one
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I'm having unnatural cravings for these. I saw miagisbambubike pull aetrix9's pair out of the washer last night.
They're so fun. I mean c'mon, you can put them in the dish washer....

Winter has finally decided to show its fickle mug. We've got about three inches of snow since Saturday. It's pleasant, and pretty, but people are, of course, driving like idjits and sliding around everywhere. The worst intersection on the west side (Gammon and Odana, outside the mall) currently contains two car perpendicular to the median stalled after a collision/spin out. Looks like no damage but their engines are shit off. That's going to really suck right around... now... for the rest of the commuters around here.

Spent most of the night surly yesterday. Too much sugar and not enough quiet. But I watched Clerks II blooper reels which wasn't really funny.

I'm considering a View Askewniverse viewing in the coming weeks. Starting early in the afternoon with Clerks and ending with Clerks II and "I'm drunker that Jason Mewes ever was" contest. interested?

Lastly, I named my MacBook "Qetesh" continuing my Egyptian God naming convention. I'm running out of deities in this pantheon.

Lastly lastly: happy birthday to alyska and kingfox!
Whoa.. Apparently with all my outside-work study time I logged 52 hours last week. Oops?
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