The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Du jour.

I work in phases. Lately I've been using strong color and contrast in my photography. Before that, black and white and variable contrast. Before that, lomo processed. I believe all this to be a specific skill-building progression. I still use the previous but my use becomes more image specific - as in I can generally tell when a photo would benefit from X post processing.

I imagine this is hardly an epiphany and many of you are saying "No shit;" I just like to layout my thought process. Plus, I think I've been designing (and did design) my photos in a way that what ever process-du-jour I was using would do well for the photo-to-be. :) I'm curious, as well, if you people work the same way? Do you go through a phase when you're discovering or learning something? Do you consciously or unconsciously design a photo to make use of what you're learning?
My mighty mouse was already delivered. Squee!
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