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Last count for previous photo: 4,591.
Nearly 50% my total views.

It's been an interesting day. Fox's Mom is goofy. They've baked. We ate Thai. She wrapped insane amounts of gifts for Fakemas tomorrow. Sadly her print isn't done yet. Darn last minute framing. Hopefully it'll get done on Monday.

I'm really enjoying 365 days. I"ve started to play with lighting and I'm learning how limited by equipment I am. All I have are flashlights and compact fluorescent bulbs. The either give off too much or not enough light and I have to work with my camera wide open. I suppose this will get somewhat better when I'll have sunlight again but I dunno. Blah. Eh. Yah.

Either way, I'd like to remind people that all photos in my Flickr stream are printable, nearly all printable as large as 20x30in (bet I could go bigger, actually). I realize I've been doing lots of self portraits lately and that I may not be something you want on your walls, but I have good stuff. All profits go directly to getting me lighting eequipment. :) And when I have better lighting I make better photos and start doing portrature for all y'all too.

I think my camera is consuming my life but not as totally as I'd prefer.
Nikon Junkie. That's me.
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