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Blarg. Stayed up late last night getting Fox's Mom's Xmas present squared away (a second one, not the picture). My body woke up promptly at 6:15 but my brain was no where in site. My head and neck are all achy from computer hunching most of the night and restless sleep from too much sugar after dinner. Stupid body.

On the plus, it's Friday. The Mom visit should be good and I'm using it as an excuse to rearrange furniture in the second room, which needs cleaning badly anyway. I'm going to try a simple black and white look with low tables. I wonder if I could halve the desk legs with something. Not too fond of metal dust though. Suggestions on the best way to cut metal efficiently?

I have so little desire to do any real work today. Hate that feeling this early in the morning.

I've started writing bits of poetry on my self-portraits. I think I may go back and add to the previous 20 without. It's kind of fun to do and adds a bit more oomph to the photo and mood. Plus, it's a really cool experiment to place text visually before writing since the Flickr notes are applied to sections of a photo, localizing the comment in effect. If you haven't seen the notes, my nose picture was the first.

Would it be weird to print and frame my nose at work? I really like the photo. :)

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