The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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I got contacted by a person I really liked in college via MySpace. Very nifty. Having an account there is worth while, it seems, even if using it at all sloughs bits of my soul.

I'm sort of looking forward to my dentist visit today. i just want to be done with it. Stoopid wisdom teeth. After that I can deal with the TMJD (I think) and the teeth grinding. My mouth is all kinds of crazy fun.

I've been sleeping insanely well the last few nights. Getting to work at 7 is for the cool kids because cool kids then get to leave while there's a little sun left. I suppose I should start doing that... Half a cool kid, I suppose.

Better half than none, ne?
NOSE! Everyone should click the picture. I'm at 4,968 views for my photo stream. So close to 5000. :)
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