The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man


Ladies and gentlemen. Meet Justin Achille. Justin Achille is known for such things globally as "Vampire: The Masquerade" and the many books associated with it. I have wrestled with Justin Achille. He kicked my ass.

I have also been drunk with Justin and watched him drink my friend beloitst under the table. She's about 5"3' and he's about 6ft. It was hilarious. THat same night he laso tried to convince my current girlfriend to sleep with Chuck, a bone head of epic proportions. THis was also hilarious.

The purpose of ths post isn't about anything really. We just found this picture the other day. I just want you all to see this really funny picture of him I got - that my girlfriend took - of him very, very, very shitfaced at KublaCon a few years ago. It was guests and parties like this that made KCon as amazing is it was.

Yes, he is wearing devil horns. The sign says "The Fucking Drama Police" - he was trying to get peope to have a good time. He succeeded, especially when he beat Chuck up in the most preposterous wrestling match ever know to mankind. Then he downed a bottle of Stolies.

Is this man a king? Or just nuts?

Too bad he had removed all his piercings. He had 5 pounds of metal in his face the previous year. THat was hot.

So. Enjoy the picture. He isn't a crazy goth (anymore). He just liked vampires. Look where that got him?
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