The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Dementation 2 - Hauntings

I used to think I could be pithy. This is old, based on geekiness and I was up last that night. I'm not sure it makes sense any more.

Dementation 2 - The Haunting - 12/20/2001

"The past repeats itself so that we have a chance to change."

I think most of the world is haunted by regret. It is far to often that we let something slip through our loose grip, finding whatever reason that twists to look germane. Would the world be happier if opportunity was always invited into the house? Probably, but there might be more involved in it.

Some may think opportunity knocking is the chance to try coke for free, or sleeping with some pretty face. Hmm, but by a slightly larger scope (or is it smaller?) those things would make those individuals happier. Granted, the happiness would be fleeting but would it be enough to change the world? Maybe, I think it could. The only trouble would be legalizing drugs. Silly that the government can regulate self-destructive mindsets.

Weird ideas like that haunt me, along with regret. Same things usually. I miss the chance to kiss that girl, get into that class. Minor things when it comes down to it. I just hope that I can learn to avoid these mistakes before they become major. People say the past repeats itself. I agree because we all need to learn from our mistakes. If we keep making them the world says, "alright, lets try that again." At least, since I believe that life is meant to be used as improvement, this all makes sense to me. Now, I just need to heed my own advice.

Ponds ripple only when we take the time to affect them.
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