The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

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The mnid is esaliy cnootlrled
I am its maetsr, svlae dvierr
of sotrs, for yuor peerctpnios.
its not so mcuh taht I pfeerr sniwrecg
mdins arpat, tuhogh tihreen leis garet stafistacion,
rhtaer I ejony atelinrg eaxclty waht
poelpe see in the mnaenr taht I want tehm to see it.
Ghdoood cemos with samll rghits and reits wcihh
btesweod uopn the fbelee mdnied
are like spohiinng the salt from oecnas.
The pniot beocems
my sowrd - liens of ctonetnion
dwarn in the snad
and wasehd ausnedr by ocravetive
bniaproewr and unrocoteidnad fotsoptes.
Yorue ptuty, ptrety mnid soluhd be cwoed
in a mnaner that I dicede.
Revere me for I sway
how you watch the world.
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