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smed made me do it.
She convinced me, sorta, to do the 365 days self-portrait group thing. It should be very interesting.

About last night. hehe. Last night was fun. alyska invited people out to user MATC's photography studio. Lights, reflectors, backdrops. :) It was AWESOME. lady_fox, evilevi, jeffreyp and I performed some shibari for the camera. There was much fun and hottness and silly things going on.

Now, I just want to say a few things about it. First, jeffryp is a fantastic rope artist and very, very good and building an intensely erotic space. Second, it seems that evilevi was born to wear ropes and corsets. And third, lady_fox crucifies well.

I did something festive. I bound Foxy in christmas lights.

Yes. Christmas lights. They were white and blinky and I gagged her with a chest harness and matanawa. graydancer, if you're reading this, Christmas lights are great for ambiance on stage. I"d highly recommend it for a performance but only small ties like hand bindings or gags. It gets really tricky and very time consuming if you do anything elaborate.

It was much fun. Photos to come over time. I shot dozens and dozens of both Fox and Evi.

Mmm. Festively sinful.

Also, I love tags but completely forget to add them. I've opened tagging on entries to friends. Please be kind with it.

Who is happy that it's Friday? I'm happy. I only work five days for the next two weeks. That's really, really nice.
Tags: 365days, alyska, art, evilevi, graydancer, jeffreyp, lady_fox, lj people, photography, selfportrait, shibari, smed, xmas
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