The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Why hasn't anyone linked this yet?
Firefly MMO

When I break video game news on my flist.... whoa. Well... news of a future game tbd in the Firefly 'verse.
Oh yeah. Go Bears! 21 to 13.
Much better this second half.... I think.
Radio != as good as TV. Maybe if I could, like, put players to names it would be OK. 41 to 20.

Woo bears! 28-13.
Soooo.. that two 90+ tds for the Bears. hehehe

Woo! This win gives them a buy (free game) into the playoffs. Add to it that they have home field advantage for all the games (I believe they've earned this already) they may actually win some playoff games this year!
(this enthusiasm mitigated by sober, somber reality)

What? Yeah, I know stuff about football. Shudup.
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