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Illuminated kitty
Originally uploaded by ABMann.
I was "lazy" yesterday.
  • Reorganized bedroom.
  • Tossed more unnecessary life clutter.
  • Cleaned cat boxes.
  • Scrubbed one down with Lysol and +NH4.
  • Vacuumed.
  • Got cat food and liter.
  • refilled 'scripts.
  • Finished reading iCon.
  • Started listening to Bushwacked audio book.
  • Printed my portfolio.
    There was lunch, Barriques and chatting with slavetopurple in there somewhere before noon. I think I relaxed some too.
Life clutter. That sounds like some cultist buzz word that doesn't apply to anything real but gives people a power phrase to convince themselves they're doing real good for themselves. I mean it, though, as stupid things I own and don't need. I continue to shamble towards owning only my computer, camera and clothes. I figure I'll never get rid of everything - I enjoy cooking with non-stick cookware, for example - but having fewer core objects into which I actually invest myself is freeing.

one thing I'll never understand is people who value freedom, the ability to pick up and go, and how many books they own. Books are heavy, man.

Oh, I suppose I can make room for art too. I bought the blue ones (see comments for an image, this entry is locked). You all should strongly consider buying seventyeleventy's art. He's going places and his stuff is unconscionably inexpensive now. ;)

Photo: One of the best (technically) I've taken so far. I'm starting to understand light. Still can't translate what the camera will see quite yet but that will come just like all the rest.
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