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More icons! + Announcing my dirty hippyism.

I finally brought my yoga ball to work. It needs air. I have the pump but feel weird about pumping it up.
Yeah, I don't want to bring more attention to myself with it.
Self conscious over a yoga ball.
-- Ok, it expanded being in a warmer room, and I don't think I can actually get the plug out again. It's pretty stuck. It's pretty comfortable, the ball, really. I can feel it in my lower back which desperately needs the exercise. Anyone know a good way to ensure I'm hitting my obliques on this thing?

I've been wanting to write nonsensical poetry since I've not been phlogging regularly.
Need photos.
Ok, been on this thing for over an hour. My back is a little sore. Christ do my thighs hurt though.
This is cool.
Made it two and a half hours before I had to get off. I think I'll try again at one.
I have this phrase stuck in my head for no good reason: "Leftovers are the porpoise of dinner."
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