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Rooting time and place.

Revised 9/1/04: 2:50

The French understand
what it is to find the time. Trouver
and roots of trésor
and découvert link
en temps the finding of a clock.

Horloge -
a piece of lodging
a clock that watches us.

Montre -
to watch and wrist watch,
trouve le temps, find the time
resting on your hand.
Searching for horloge.

Chercher -
dear and dear becoming sought.
Breaking two from two
form one is round.

Seeking -
horloge - a piece of lodging found
in time and steps taking.

Lodging - logement
lentement now to grasp it in time....
Fleeting findings housing found.

It is seeking the time to find
the time, a clock, sought and found
treasure in one space.

Cherches le Temps de trouver
le Temps, un horloge, cherché et trouvé
trésor dans seulement un logement.

Only this time does it work
without seeing it again.
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