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It's the day before Thanksgiving.
Do you know where your Turkey is?

In a fit of superiority over all things culinary, Fox and I decided to do a city ham as well as a turkey this year. Well, sort of. I was excited at the prospect but afeard the leftovers. With that much pig mass in my fridge, a Zombie Animal Farm revolution unavoidable. But, when my sister called on Monday frantic that she had no plans for the Great gobbling, I offered her asylum and a thick dose of tryptophan. That my wayward sister and her boyfriend-sans-thumb are coming only sealed how necessary it will be to GLUT my family with PIG and POULTRY and damn the uprising to ensue.

I'm excited. I'm going to win at the Holidays. Dare I say, pwnxor the pigxor. The recipe I'm cooking is simple and slow. It takes about 5 hours to cook the pig and the turkey so they'll both be done at the same time.

I should note here that my father is bringing a roaster over that is 80+ years old that will cook the turkey with absolutely no effort at all.

I get to booze it up too. Part of the crust is cognac. Then crust it in brown sugar and ginger snaps. The Pig gets to slow roast under a protective foil cap, to protect it from Alien Mind Rays and self-steam baste. And I get to watch football for 4 hours. Open the oven, get the pig drunker and up the temp for an hour to built a nice, crispy, boozy crust. Mm.. booze crust.

Really excited. It's not nearly as elaborate as my first Thanksgiving two years ago where I cooked everything mostly on my own. But... pig. Hurrah for cooking pig!

I'm going to hate pork come December.

Photo: Another shot from Weary Traveler. lady_fox listening to the conversations around the table. She managed to sit still for tis picture a full 3 seconds. :) I also managed to hold it steady for three seconds.

I had considered painting out the blurred person (Stephanie) in the back ground but decided that her blur emphasized the stillness of Fox. A neat and pretty dichotomy.

I'm entirely too shaky. I think I need to start buying VR lenses. Or maybe permanently attach a gorilla to my arm.
Hmm... human tripod. Interesting idea....

To alyska: Another photography blog. It's a branch from Strobist and started this week. It's intended to be a photoshop photo processing blog. Looks like it'll be mostly Quicktime videos.
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