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Un Type.

Three things:
I pledged 360 dollars (30 a month) to NPR this morning.
The coffee pots are far cleaning in this building.
I'm in training all day today and tomorrow. Hurrah!

Query for the populace:
What popular cultural "thing" typifies you? Is there some TV show or movie or comic book that represents everything you like or embodies some characteristic you hold important?
I asked myself this question last night when I was choosing a new mood theme. Nothing I found was quite good enough both aesthetically and thematically. Some were close, like the Secretary theme I found, but they ultimately didn't represent everything I wanted. I chose the cat theme because I find it aesthetically pleasing and the art is well done. But I do not wish to be "that cat theme guy." Maybe "that pre-90's computer colored Gambit art theme guy" or "that Salvador Dali's melting clock theme guy."

So I suppose I should start the long, dark tunnel that is making 139 mood theme icons.

Bleh. LJ geekery.
How obscene.
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