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Rusty pipes

Rusty pipes
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I made the mistake of opening the coffee carafe this morning. Lots of interesting residue; I actually wished I had my camera to get a shot.... Yuck. I cleaned a little bit as I could, the top opening isn't big enough to get a sponge in there, and the difference is apparent. It's much better. However, I'm left with the question of why would you build something that you couldn't clean easily? That's just silly.

So I think I fell off the downshifting wagon the last two months. I've still been saving but I bought more stuff than I'd like. Only a few of these purchases are really providing persisting happiness - like the Threadless Tshirts - even though I know they're completely unnecessary. I don't regret the purchases, per se, but I'm appalled at the consumerist fervor I had when I bought them.

What's odd is that I feel zero regret over the lens purchases which are just under ten times the cost of the Threadless shirts. I suppose that really says something about money investment, utility and the relative value of the things we buy. Eh? Smart purchases versus impulsive/shallow buys?

Regardless, I'm trying to get back on track. It's not that I'm spending all my money; on the contrary, I'm ignoring my raise and sending all that money into savings which will be spun into a money market account and other investments. I just don't like that I'm not saving more because I could be. I don't want to be in the habit of spending blindly - though I really wish I could. To that end, I've started taking a lump sum out every week and using that for everything. So far, I'm doing pretty well. I stuck to the budget last week but I've been lazy to get the money out again this week. I got "lucky" that I had sold half my books and had a little cash to get gas because I forgot my debit card. I haven't been carrying it for ten days.

Still, doing as well as hoped. Maybe a little better.

Other things are happening. It's winter and I have withdrawn. I'm wanting something, and I don't believe I can have it. I feel stifled? Repressed? Something.

I feel free when I'm behind a camera. It rejuvenates me. i look forward to those days.

Also: Go Bears!

I was going to include tis but got side tracked. Weight loss still sucks. I'm 90% sure that I regularly take in fewer calories than I burn in any given day. That I have not seen any significant loss in weight is frustrating. My hope is that the new exercise strategy is building muscle at the same time I'm burning fat. However, I don'ty really see anything changing. Al my clothes are fitting like they have for the last few months. Though I did note that my newest sweater is slightly droopy but that could easily be just regular wearing stretching.

I refuse to admit, though, that what i'm doing isn't working mostly because the current routine is all kinds of painful. I've een stepped it up a little. Rather than doing straight circuit days, I've taken doing 20 minutes on the elliptical to get myself started then I do what ever circuit that day. That makes pretty much every day I go to the gym intensely cardio oriented. I'd thought that would kick up the burning and i'd see some weight reductions mostly because I don't think I'd be taking in enough calories to build anything. That's why I'm concerned. I should be able to build muscle, i think.

I don't understand the human body. It seems to be doing things it shouldn't be.
Just be trim, dummy. It's not that hard.
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