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Au natural - Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist — LiveJournal
Au natural

Au natural
Originally uploaded by ABMann.
Today was mostly nice. aetrix9 cooked breakfast for everyone. alyska and jeffreyp came out to take some shots for Alyska's photography class. We got to phlog some though the scenery was pretty icky with the excessive melt; it was really warm this afternoon. Mad props to jeffreyp for carrying the 4 by 5 camera and tripod around the hill for her as the whole rig weighed 30+ pounds.

There was lunch after wards and a nap. Sadly I woke from the nap with a massive headache/migraine. I slept most of the night before lady_fox stretched my neck and I could join the dinner party we were throwing. graydancer, sculplady, and slavetopurple came by.

Right now, I'm chilling on the couch and uploading this picture and more. I've had absinthe and I'm better off for it.

Photo: Look! alyska is looking thoughtful. I swear this wasn't posed at all, it just worked. In the distance, jeffreyp was off taking light readings for her.

Mostly good day. And I frickin' love my wide angle.
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