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Wyck - A biography of two.

She dances in moonlight
hypnotic against the Devil.
Though she is the Queen
of Music she only sings internally -
Operatic and echoing
in a subdued mind.
He is dressed in blue
and steps upon mortality
as if he were God, among Gods.
He is not. It is because She,
in glorious white and a
pearlèd headdress, sheds
years of crystal on the remains
of sleeping suns. They grow
and change and undulate with black life
just as spores explode in a veil
of snow and obsidian.
The Devil's blue armour is broken.
He is armless as she takes up his cloth
and wills it into herself.
Swords on the wind and decay
pooling on hallowed fields
resound the valor of the day.
Thrusting to his throat
she is crushing mortality
and retains her split godhood.
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