The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Boring boring boring

Ireland says we won Virginia. Now if the RNC would just read that...
Other funny things related to the RNC.

I actually managed to get in to work at 7am like I used to, even after a few days of shitty sleep. Amazing!
My lens makes me happy though I have NO idea how to use it with the onboard flash. It sucks up so much light since it is so wide. Today or tomorrow my 18-200 comes in.
I am boring!

Let's see.. how about some drama.

I feel so angry! yesterday was my birthday and nobody noticed or gave me presents or wished me happy birthday :-(.

And also someone at work found out I was into trekkie stuff and I think that's why I got fired :-(.

Oh yeah. I went to gaming group with folks this afternoon but zesty_pinto is getting favors from the game master. That totally sucked!

What sucks is that that jackass assfingers gone and said that they saw me talking to thegelf and backstabbing rianwyn.

Oh and mom & dad was totally unfair to me the other day and now I'm grounded :-(.

Hey and know what? everybody has asked why I'm leaving the furry fandom but the answer is simple: Some of you know who you are and why I'm leaving FOREVAR.

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Flickr stream

This is the front desk of the Madison Museum of Modern Art. It is REALLY tall.

No edits to the photo.
moocowrich or graydancer: what is the name of that amazing sculpture place in Baraboo?
I'm thinking of going on Sunday.
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