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Today is Cool Day, USA

Watching the watchers
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I like voting. I like voting a whole lot. In fact, I got up early the day of the 2000 election happy that I could vote that day. I went to the polls, cast my ballot, and was at least happy that Wisconsin was Blue for Gore. Sure, Ohio was the upset but I still helped a state say Woo Gore! We heart gore!

So! I'm not going to proselytize to you, just like half your F-list. I want you to vote and if you don't I'm going to kick your lazy ass but I won't proselytize. :P

Just look at it this way: Voting is sexy.

It is. This is a chance to exercise more power in one day, one action, than most people do regularly. Power is sexy. Voting is power. Therefore, you voting is sexy.

Also, if see some yahoo with a camera at the polls? That's me. Yeah, Photographers voting. That's even sexier.

Edit: Sweet. I just got a voice mail from an autodialer.
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